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An Eye for Eye-care Myths 

Our eyes are one of the most important and crucial organs of our body. We usually chaff out facts from fiction when it comes down to our eyesight. It is important to have a clear idea about the myths and facts related to eye care. From a fair scare in dim light reading to believing the genetic transfers, you have heard it all. But it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the facts that can help you attain and preserve a better vision for the rest of your life.

Some myths that are taken in connection with facts:

  1. Reading in Dim Lights 

In the dusk and the dark, you are totally engrossed till someone from the family switches on the light and warns you about losing your eyesight. To be more precise yes there are reasons to avoid reading in dim lights, but it has nothing to do with losing your eyesight. Reading in dim lights may cause you intense eye strain and headache but it is not responsible for the loss of eye vision in any manner.

  1. Cataracts need to be fully developed before they are removed 

This is one of the most common beliefs which has been circulating for ages. In earlier times due to lack of technology, it was necessary to let cataract ripe at its peak. Well in today's time with advanced technologies, cataracts are easy to remove at the initial stages. As they become more developed they are pretty much hard to remove and many times, a person may lose their vision completely. It is advised that cataracts should be removed timely rather than waiting for them to become ripe. 

  1. Lasik Eye operation does not serve a long term purpose 

There are a lot of such myths related to the Lasik operation but this is a common misconception that needs to be cleared. Lasik owns its roots from 90’s it is one of the simplest forms of procedure. It hardly takes 15 mins to complete the operation. Lasik is a painless surgery that is not only time-saving but also long-term result-oriented surgery. This surgery has been tested and is one of the most effective surgery.

  1. Eye check-ups are only necessary when in need 

People who boast about their eye sights forget to get them checked timely. Regular eye check-ups help you to keep track of your current prescribed numbers and conditions. Even if you have a vision that can put the DSLR to shame, still you need to get your eyes checked regularly. Regular checkups go a long way in nipping any issues in the bud. As they say, Prevention is always better than cure. 

  1. Reading glasses are a substitute for prescription glasses 

Don’t tear down your money is what we are taught and due to this we sometimes ignore even the necessary things. In today’s time, we stick down to trends, and sometimes while following the trends we forget to take precautions, one of which includes prescribed number glasses. It is true that reading glasses provide a certain level of clarity and protection but are not enough to maintain the health and comfort of your eyes. The main reason for this is that both lenses in reading glasses have the same prescription, while most individuals’ eyes require different strength lenses in each eye. The easiest way to have healthy eyesight is to get customized prescribed glasses that are utmost suitable for both eyes. 

These are some of the myths which are carried forward from generations. There are lots of myths and facts available about eye care but it is advised to stick down to regular eye checkups and before concluding or coming to an agreement, you should visit an ophthalmologist. Every individual is different and so are their requirements, which is one of the main reasons to have professional help and have healthy eyesight.

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